Thursday, March 21, 2013

AngelHack Launches A Startup Accelerator, Bringing Its Hackathon To 30+ Cities This Spring

angelhackAngelHack has always been a little different from your average hackathon ? rather than taking place in one place over one weekend, it has become a global event that takes place in multiple stages. As a result, the projects are usually pretty polished, though not yet at the level of full-fledged startups. Now it's taking another step in that direction with the launch of its very own accelerator. The program will admit 40 teams into a 14-week program - 12 weeks of local mentoring, then two weeks in San Francisco pitch training, investor meetings and events. In that sense, it follows the broader AngelHack model, where there are local hackathons which feed into a big competition among the finalists in Silicon Valley. In exchange for the mentorship (and tickets to this fall's TechCrunch Disrupt), AngelHack takes 2 percent equity.


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