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Surviving Bankruptcy And Getting A Good Deal On An Auto Loan

Surviving Bankruptcy And Getting A Good Deal On An Auto Loan

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It can be quite easy for one to get a car loan following a bankruptcy. Negotiate the best deal by taking control of your financial situation. With so many lending options available, you can choose your lender. Before anything else, build up your credit again. Then, look for car financing before you start shopping. Not only do you stand the chance of improving on your interest rate, you would be paying less overall for your automobile.

Check The Options For Yourself

Be wary of lenders who specifically target customers with lousy credit. Not only would they burden you with high interest rates, they'd give you car options out of your price range. Take the initiative to look for the best financing options instead of going this route.

If you do your own homework and shopping around, you could have a lot of choices. And since you would have cash to pay, you could get a better price and a more reasonable list of car choices. They won't suspect you once had filed for bankruptcy some time ago in the past.

Straighten Up Your Credit Report

Settling any existing bankruptcy needs to be done before even thinking of an auto loan. You can get a free copy of your report online to check that all qualifying accounts have been closed. Check your credit report to make sure you have an accurate payment history.

The FICO score, as you may know, is your credit score and can also be found on your reports. Most people who have filed for bankruptcy recently would have FICO scores below 550. After two years though, you can have a score over 650, qualifying for market rates.

Increase Qualification Factors

Filing for bankruptcy doesn't mean you're all out of options right then and there. A down payment of 20% or more is a good start, so is having little debt and cash reserves in the bank.

You can get lower rates or reduce them by being particular regarding the loan's terms and conditions. Compared to fixed rate loans, adjustable rate loans offer lower rates. A three year loan will also have lower rates than a five year loan.

Research As Much As You Could

The last way and possibly one of the best ways to save on your loan would be by researching. Compare rates and fees based on loan quotes. If you're at a loss, go online and visit any one of several auto loan broker sites.

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