Monday, April 22, 2013

Nokia teases QWERTY phone announcement on April 24th

Nokia teases QWERTY phone announcement coming Wednesday

Official teasers rarely provide much in the way of detail, but this one from Nokia at least comes with a pretty picture. It reveals the rounded design language we have come to associate with the company's latest feature phones, but with a Z and Shift keys that imply we're looking at a physical QWERTY handset rather than a candy bar -- potentially something along the lines of the Asha 205 we saw back in November. The picture was accompanied by a blog post confirming that this'll be a product from Nokia's Mobile Phones team rather than the folks behind Lumia, and that the announcement will happen at 7am GMT (3am ET) this Wednesday. The time zone is suggestive of an Asian or European launch, so it may or may not be worth setting your alarm clock.

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