Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Writing and Speaking: Article Marketing

In this article I am going to share with you the main reason why
article marketing is still effective today and why it generates such
high quality traffic.
First some background.
After the various Google updates there has been much speculation as to whether article marketing would survive! Obviously there have been some article directories that no longer exist due to these updates. These were allowing low quality spun articles to be submitted or material that was already found on the internet.
However there are still a number of very good quality article directories generating huge traffic to peoples websites.
In fact these updates have if anything increased the value of authority article directories because the quality of the articles submitted are now of much higher standard.
There are more stringent rules about the types of article you can submit. Since an article directory is all about providing quality content to visitors it makes sense that Google would only penalize sites that have low quality or poorly written content.
Therefore the article directories that have strict rules to follow are doing exactly what Google wants - providing good quality, original content!
Therefore many marketers still use article marketing as a means to generate traffic to their websites.
So why is it so effective? The reason is due to the quality of that traffic.
What is it about the type of traffic you generate with articles? Here is the main reason why article marketing traffic is better than many other sources of traffic.
Building Relationships
When someone reads your article they get to know a little bit about you the author. They either bond with you or they don't. If they bond with you then they are likely to click through to your website and ultimately become a customer.
Building a relationship with your visitor is a really important part of any business. People buy based on trust and if you can build up that trust through a solid relationship then you are going to see a better conversion rate later on.
Not only does the article build trust it also enables your visitor to see if you are going to be able to help them with the information you have written.
If your article is helpful then your free ebook might be helpful for example. It also follows that being on the article writers email list might be a good idea too and provide you with more help.

Source: http://writing-asadeszw.blogspot.com/2013/04/article-marketing.html

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